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Navigating The Hero’s Journey. Part 4: The Field Mind and the principle of field resonance

In addition to the intelligence of the body and of the intellect, a third type of intelligence may be seen: The relational fields in which all consciousness and identity are embedded. For example, the physical environment may be thought of as a living «Gaia» field of intelligence, at many levels. Family and culture are fields within which each person operates. Art, science, and religion are fields that organize and inform many activities. The collective history of consciousness, what Jung called the «collective unconscious», may be thought of as a field of archetypal patterns. Many other «fields» may be distinguished: one’s immediate surroundings, personal history, social circles, mood states, physical states, etc. All these are contexts that shape, constrain, guide, and create the texts of local and focal awareness. One would be hard-pressed to deny the tremendous influence of fields on a person’s consciousness.

At the Basic Level, these fields operate primarily as constraints, helpful or unhelpful.They shape, limit, and guide the flow and content of consciousness.At the Basic Level, one can operate within the boundaries established by previous creations. This is not a bad thing, of course: it allows one to not have to re-invent the wheel every day, and permits successful approaches to be replicated. But at the Basic Level, a person’s Somatic and Cognitive Minds are attuned to the Field Mind in set ways, such that only certain types of field-based information are received in certain types of ways.

But when an old pattern or identity needs to be transcended or transformed, or a significant creative effort is desired, the Generative Level of the Field Mind is required. In such instances, a person needs to be able to sense and receive from the Field Mind in many different ways. To achieve this, consciousness must radiate «through and beyond» the surrounding fields, creating an experiential «field of fields» that is beyond any particular content or form. As with the other domains, this Generative Level is a subtle energy meta-field that «transcends yet includes» all of the informational fields of the Basic Level.

For example, in the martial art of aikido, one trains to «Never give your eyes to the attacker.» That is, you let your eyes become soft and extend beyond the antagonist, so that you’re not locked into a reactive mode. It is easy to try this experiment by centering to establish relaxed, attentive awareness. Then orient to some focal point /a person or an object/, but let your eyes be soft and let your perceptual awareness open outwards, extending infinitely even as you sense a connection with the perceptual object. You will likely find a different way of sensing the object, one that allows it to be included within your experience, but not limiting your attention. This actually allows you to better sense the subtle details of a person’s movement, while also keeping yourself opened and connected to the larger field. If you continue this experiment, you can begin to sense an implicit space beyond what your conscious attention can focus on; this is an example of opening to the Generative Field. You could train yourself to do this while interacting with a person, or focusing on a subject matter /e.g., a poem to be written, a problem to be solved/.By focusing in this «open field» fashion, you will have the pleasant discovery of being «fed» creatively by fields of information beyond your local self.