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What does Generative Change training offers to you?

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Developed by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan as a product of their combined years of expertise in their respective fields, Generative Change brings together the best of therapy and coaching into a wholly new approach. The idea of Generative Change is to bring into the same conversation multiple types of intelligence– verbal and visual, individual and collective, somatic and intellectual– in order to foster creative performance and new realities.

The essence of the approach

Generative Change means creating something beyond what has yet existed, either in one’s personal or professional life. Generative Change techniques assume that we construct our reality through personal and perceptual filters and that this creative process can be mindfully engaged for positive outcomes.

Regular practices for sustainable creativity

Stephen Gilligan: "In doing the project, we especially sensed how the discipline of the work—the elemental pieces, the step-by-step methods, the core practices—is so essential to allowing the creative flow of the work….and vice versa. I am so impressed by how these two complementary sides work together in the creative process.

We emphasize that perhaps the most important part of sustainable creativity is regular practices—your life is only as good as your practices. We each need different dimensions of our practice…i hope these recordings can be a helpful part of yours!"